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Open Up Activities

In the books Team-Building Activities for Every Group and the book More Team-Building Activities for Every Group you will find games and activities that go through the team-building process from getting to know each other to working together.

On this page is a sample of the games found in the Open Up chapter of each book. 

You can also find these games along with activities from all the chapters in a PDF format by clicking on the Home or go to the Team-Building Games page to find activities from all chapters posted together. 

Snowball Fight
(From the Open Up Chapter of the book "Team-Building Activities for Every Group)


For group members to share their thoughts and feelings with each other anonymously.

Group Size
8 or more is ideal


  • Paper

  • Pens or pencils

     Give everyone a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Ask them to write down something specific on this piece of paper that you want them to share but that may be difficult to share, such as:
     How you feel when with this group?
     How are you feeling right now?
     What do you do when you become really angry?
     What makes you feel really sad?
     What are the strengths and weaknesses of this group?
Make sure nobody puts his/her name on the papers because everything should be anonymous. Once everyone has finished writing, tell the group that they will be having a snowball fight and to crumple up their papers and, on the count of three, start throwing. After the snowball fight has gone on for a while, yell “stop,” and ask each person to pick up one “snowball.” Gather the group together and ask group members to take turns reading the paper that they ended up with to the group. You may discuss each response that is read or wait until all the papers have been read before having a discussion.

Discussion Prompts
1.    What did you hear that surprised you?
2.    How do you feel about what people shared today?
3.    How did you feel about the way you shared your feelings?
4.    Does anyone want to comment on or add to what was said?


The Game of Life
(From the Open Up Chapter of the book More Team-Building Activities for Every Group)


To explore how people are feeling as individuals and as a part of the group.

Group Size
1 or more

Large sheet of green paper
White paper
Colored markers

     On a large sheet of green paper, draw a simple football field in the middle as if it were in the middle of a stadium. Give each person a piece of white paper and ask them to think of the person at a football game who best represents them. You may be specific and ask them to think of the person they are most like in terms of their relationship with God, with their family, when at work, when on this team, etc. The person selected can be anyone from a player or referee to a fan, peanut man, blimp driver, usher, owner, etc. Each person should draw their character, cut it out, and glue it to the paper in relation to where they think it should be. After everyone is finished, have them explain why they chose what they chose. 

Discussion Prompts
1.    What did you learn about yourself while doing this activity?
2.    What did you learn about the group or about other members of the group today?
3.    Do you like being the person you are in the game of life or is there someone else you wish you could be? Why?

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