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Crazy  Games

In the books Team-Building Activities for Every Group and the book More Team-Building Activities for Every Group you will find games and activities that go through the team-building process from getting to know each other to working together.

On this page is a sample of the games found in the Stir It Up chapter of each book. 

You can also find these games along with activities from all the chapters in a PDF format by clicking on the Home or go to the Team-Building Games page to find activities from all chapters posted together. 

Pull Up
(From the Stir It Up Chapter of the book "Team-Building Activities for Every Group)

To include everyone in a fun game that mixes people up while at the same time creating a friendly guy versus girl competition.

Group Size
30 or more (with a good mix of guys and girls)


  • A music source (i.e. radio, stereo, etc.)


     The group must sit down on the ground in a large circle. Ask for three girl volunteers and three guy volunteers to stand in the middle of the circle. Inform the group that this is a competition between guys and girls and that the way you get a point for your team is to make sure that there are more people from the opposite sex standing in the middle of the circle when the music stops.
     When the game starts, the music is playing and the guys and girls in the middle must each find someone of the opposite sex, grab his/her hand and pull him/her to a standing position, and then sit down in his/her place. This switching of places continues in a fast-paced manner and a person must stand when someone grabs his/her hand. 
     After a short time, stop the music and count the number of guys in the middle and the number of girls in the middle. The team that has the least number of people standing gets one point. Play several rounds of this game before declaring a winner. Start each new round with the people who are standing in the middle when the last round ended.


Baton Pass
(From the Stir It Up Chapter of the book "More Team-Building Activities for Every Group")



To increase the comfort level of the group.

Group Size
4 or more


  • Timer

  • Small baton-like item

     Ask for four volunteers to come to the front of the room and give one of them a baton-like item (a paper towel roll will work). Select a category such as: Disney® cartoon characters, breakfast cereals, kinds of candy with chocolate in them, NFL® teams, US states, names of people in this group, books of the Bible, etc. Once the category is given set a timer for about 30 seconds. The person holding the baton must name something in the category and pass the baton to the next person, who must do the same. Players may not name something that has already been said. When the person keeping time yells “stop,” the person holding the baton is out and must sit down. Give the group a new category or let them continue with the same one. The last person left wins that round. You may play several rounds with different people.  


  • Have the group members say the words of the pledge of allegiance, a song, cheer, etc. The first person says the first word, the second person says the next word and so on down the line until someone makes a mistake.


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